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What is a fluid radiator or thermal fluid radiator?

A thermal emitter is a completely independent heating device capable of heating any type of room efficiently.

Thermal emitters or fluid technology radiators work by means of electrical energy, provide great comfort and are also low consumption.

Thermal fluid emitters are generally made up of a body of injected aluminium. In addition, they have a shielded resistance and a liquid (known as "heat-carrying fluid") that circulates inside and distributes the heat uniformly throughout the device. Aluminium is an ideal material because it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and a good heat conductor.

What is the difference between a dry emitter and a liquid emitter?

Basically, the heat emission and the time of use.

Dry heat emitters heat up very quickly. However, they are intended for occasional use (e.g. one hour per day).

Fluid heaters, on the other hand, take a little longer to heat up, but once the desired temperature has been reached, they maintain it. Their electricity consumption is much lower than that of dry emitters. They are, therefore, a type of radiator that is highly recommended for large rooms or for those homes in which you want to make continuous use of electric heating (more than 6 hours, for example).

Advantages of Thermal Fluid Electric Radiators

- Very easy to install and use. No building work is required: the thermal emitters are simply placed on brackets screwed to the wall and plugged into the mains.

- Long life, no maintenance. Unlike other heating systems, they do not require periodic checks. They only need to be cleaned frequently, as their design with curves and nooks and crannies could accumulate dust. Just wipe them with a duster or a damp cloth and they are perfect.

- Uniform heat. The fluid radiators guarantee an even distribution of heat. Generally, the radiation method for heating the air is more comfortable than the convection method.

- Low consumption. Thermal emitters or fluid radiators are very efficient, as they need less energy and heat for longer (they keep the heat even when they are turned off). This fact means an important energy (and economic) saving. Many of them are also programmable, so that they can be switched on at specific times of the day and thus consume only according to the temperature chosen and the hours of use.

- Respectful with the environment. Since their operation does not depend on any fuel, the fluid radiators do not generate waste, odours or CO2 emissions. It is a clean heat.

How to choose a Thermal Fluid Electric Radiator? Factors to take into account

Before buying a radiator or thermal fluid emitter, we must consider a number of aspects:

- Power that we need.

- How long it will be on.

- Material in which the structure is built.

- Possibility of programming it for certain days or hours.

- Existence or not of a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

- Design (modern, minimalist, classic...) according to the room in which we will use it.

- Security functions and other extras (thermal limiter, overheating protection system, open window detector, etc.).

Thermal emitters and fluid radiators at Klima Electric

Are you looking for a quality radiator for your home? Then you are in the ideal place, because the models we propose belong to the best valued brands in the market. In addition, they have a thermostat and multiple intelligent functions that help you save energy.

Consult our catalogue and choose the thermal fluid emitter that best suits your needs. We have different sizes and powers available.

If you want more information or have any questions, contact us and we will guide you to make the best decision.

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