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If you are looking for an electric radiator at the best price and of the highest quality for the winter, at Klima Electric we have the best discounts on the best brands and models of electric radiators.

In our online store you will find a complete selection of electric radiators suitable for the home or any room, with the best and most modern features.

Electric radiators are suitable for use throughout the home and are the most efficient replacement for central heating systems. You will find aluminum, ceramic, fluid and dry completely conditioned to the needs of your home.

Why buy electric radiators from Klima Electric?

At Klima Electric we are experts in climatic comfort and we only work with the best brands of electric radiators offering our customers the utmost confidence and quality assurance.

All the models we work with are designed to be energy efficient and emit completely clean energy with which to care for the environment, always adapted to European regulations.

Our radiators have a simple operation including the most modern technology with the best discounts and with the lowest consumption adapting to the demands of the most demanding users.

Our radiators have the maximum safety guarantees to avoid overheating. That is why they all have a safety thermal limiter with which we can control the maximum temperature that can be reached.

Which is the best electric radiator?

Choosing the right model for your needs is not an easy task since there are many questions and doubts about it. Within our catalogue we have many different models to satisfy our customers.

Whether you need to heat a room, a bathroom, a workshop or an office there is an electric radiator for every occasion. Below, we give you some advice that you should bear in mind when you decide which one to choose.


You must take into account the dimensions of the space where you are planning to install the radiator as it is extremely important to know what power you need when choosing the right one. Depending on the surface that needs to be heated, a certain power is required in the electric radiator that you acquire.

The width of the room will indicate the energy needed to choose the ideal one, since if we do not make the right choice, we run the risk of buying a system that is not capable of heating the room efficiently.


To offer you a guarantee of safety. Nowadays, electric radiators have the most modern and advanced safety systems. At Klima Electric we are committed to safety, which is why we offer the safest models on the market with thermal limiters to prevent overheating.

Saving electrical energy

This is one of the most important features for our customers. Not choosing the right radiator correctly can mean an extra expense on our household bills.

At Klima Electric we have models that comply with energy saving and efficiency. That is why our electrical systems with the current radiators have advanced technologies that optimize the operation in benefit of the saving for the home.

Easy to use and install

Our electric radiators are easy to install and use. They have easy to use heat control systems and intelligent thermostats for users of different ages.


If you are looking for a single radiator that can be used for different rooms within a house, office or workshop, a portable model is what you need. At Klima Electric we have portable radiators in our catalogue that meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Advantages of an electric radiator

Most of our clients are used to gas central heating, a rigid and inflexible heating system that does not take into account the different heating needs or allow for individual heating of the rooms. The use of an electric radiator, or a combination of different electric heaters, provides flexible, portable and efficient heating.

As you can see, you have different models to buy depending on your personal or household needs. If you have any questions, ask our experts in climate comfort.