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At Klima Electric we are experts in climate comfort. Our electric stoves are specifically designed to heat up quickly and are capable of reaching pleasant temperatures in a very short time. The electric stoves can be installed independently from central heating so they can be an additional source of heat in our homes, providing a pleasant temperature when it is most needed.

One of the main problems related to climatic comfort in the home is finding the right product to efficiently heat the rooms in the house, preventing the cold from taking over every corner. Electric heaters are efficient products that are characterized by offering quick and almost instantaneous heat, making them more suitable for the winter.

The best electric Heaters

At Klima Electric we only work with the best brands and models to offer our customers the products that best meet their needs. That is why in our catalogue you will find a selected range of the best electric stoves from brands as well known in the sector as Honeywell and Haverland, a guarantee of confidence and efficiency.

Within Klima Electric you can find electric stoves, plates and radiant towel rails. If you need additional heat to your bathroom heating, a Haverland design towel rail is an elegant and stylish solution. Regardless of the central heating, the electric towel rails not only provide hot towels, but also heat the bathroom without affecting the rest of the heat.

At Klima Electric we are proud to stock an extensive collection of electric heaters, from elegant towel racks for use in the bathroom; specially designed winter radiators, perfect for fighting the cold; to super-smart and intuitive electric radiators for the home.

Why buy Electric Heaters from Klima Electric?

Whatever your needs are for fighting the cold, at Klima Electric, we are sure to have the right stove in stock for you and yours.

Our electric heaters are perfect for home use providing warmth for any room in your home. The area that needs to be heated, and the extent to which it is needed, determines which product is right for you.

Our electric stoves are energy efficient. They all feature the latest technologies that help save energy by using only the energy needed.

One of the advantages of buying an electric stove is that it is easy to install and can be installed independently on the floor or wall. If you need to install it on the wall, all you need are basic DIY notions to just screw it on and plug it into the nearest outlet.

The best discounts on electric stoves

You won't find better deals on Haverland stoves than on Klima Electric. Within our catalogue we offer you the best discounts and offers on electric stoves. In the technical sheets you will find all the detailed specifications of the product so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs together with the best offer.