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What are dry thermal emitters

At Klima Electric we have a wide variety of dry thermal emitters at your disposal, with the best quality and at a very competitive price. This is a type of heating that gains followers exponentially, mainly due to its low consumption, fast heating and the thermal inertia they offer.

Advantages of acquiring a dry radiator

When choosing a specific type of thermal emitter, we must know the characteristics that differentiate each one of them. In the case of dry radiators, they have a technology that uses an electrical resistance to heat the material of which they are made, a material that will determine the thermal inertia of the appliance.

A dry thermal emitter, by means of the radiation from the internal panels it has, manages to accumulate temperature in its plates. It is a process that is carried out quickly, so they are radiators that manage to heat rooms in a short period of time. That heat will last as long as the material retains the heat.

They are especially interesting for heating for periods of time between 1 and 2 hours, or for example for heating rooms that are not too large. Moreover, if they are portable, we can take them with us to the exact point that we want to heat.

Dry heaters and dry radiators at Klima Electric

In our catalogue you will find a dry thermal emitter that can cover your needs, to achieve the so valued climatic comfort that any home wishes. 

We have the best brands in the market at your disposal, such as Haverland or Lodel, offering the highest quality service. 

A quality product with incredible offers, providing you with a premium service at a more than competitive price.

If you have any doubt you can contact us and our experts in thermal inertia will be happy to advise you so that you can carry out your purchase by receiving all kinds of relevant information.

Klima Electric, experts in climatic comfort.