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Ceramic radiators contain highly conductive ceramic blocks that heat up quickly and provide warmth throughout the room.

The characteristics of the Ceramic Heater are that they heat up quickly, reaching high temperatures and storing the heat for longer inside. That is why it is so economical as it keeps the temperature longer.

Ceramic radiators are the perfect alternative to give a heating use over 8 hours.

If you are looking for a heating system that saves energy and does not take up space in your home, in our catalogue of ceramic radiators you will find the best models with which you will obtain the most economical heat. Having a ceramic thermal emitter means a significant saving in energy bills, since the radiators store the heat inside thanks to the material they contain.

Why buy a ceramic thermal emitter?

Ceramic thermal radiators are especially good at keeping heat inside for much longer than any other material. Our radiators contain ceramic stone with high thermal inertia and conductivity so they are perfect for heating any room.

The ceramic radiators we have at Klima Electric are economical and powerful, heating quickly thanks to the refractory capacity of their ceramic plates.

All our models have the guarantee of the great brands in the sector such as Honeywell and Haverland with the best and most modern technologies that offer our customers the greatest energy efficiency with which to save on their electricity bills at the end of the month.

All the Ceramic Heater we have at Klima Electric are safe for the home as they release heat constantly and uniformly thanks to their latest technology, thus avoiding possible overheating.

Choosing the best ceramic thermal emitter

When you want to buy a radiator you must take into account different characteristics that are necessary according to your needs and that are the following.

Radiator Power

Power is one of the most important features you need to take into account when choosing a model or another. Depending on the characteristics of the room, this is how much power is needed.

The width of the room will indicate the energy needed to choose the perfect ceramic radiator, because if you do not make the right choice you run the risk of buying a system that is unable to heat a room efficiently.

The security

Safety is one of the necessary elements when you buy a ceramic emitter, so in our catalogue we only have radiators that offer great safety by preventing overheating.

Ease of use and installation

At Klima Electric we have in our catalogue the best electric Ceramic Heater that are easy to install and use because they are only connected to the electrical network and work efficiently without consuming excessive energy.

Energy efficiency

Saving is one of the most important characteristics that our customers take into account, that is why we recommend purchasing a ceramic thermal emitter as they are especially efficient when it comes to saving electricity. This is due to their ceramic materials with which they retain heat for much longer than any thermal emitter on the market.

Do you want to know more about our Ceramic Heater? At Klima Electric, experts in climatic comfort, we will tell you more details so that you can choose the right ceramic radiator for your needs.